a designer of Jazzo® Lifestyle
Jazzo® is a project from the future
Mimoda Jazzo instead of it makes
people happy by helping them to have a good relationship with yourself and with your body.
Jazzo helps us to create good relationship with ourselves thru the art of self observation and with our body thru the dance biomechanics.
Our courses
jazzo dance biomehanics
Dance without techniques
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meditaive aerobics
Jazzo in slowmotion
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Jazzo women
Path to femininity thru sensuality and sexualities
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Jazzo is
a condition where the body meets music that the body likes
a physical pleasure like food and sex, but without the side effects
a utopic, anxiety-neutral, near-ideal condition in which you don’t need anything
a sub-reality in soft focus that is a step away from absolute reality
an utopic, anxiety-free, sub of the physical reality in which we live – the human world
a “comfort zone” where a person experiences a balance between the emotional, spiritual and physical states
is an art of a good looking pherr
Who is Mimoda Jazzo
Dancing philosopher
Creator of a street smart lifestyle
Creator Jazzo Dance biomechanics -"Jazzo dance without technique"